About Me

When speaking with someone, it is their eyes that you place all of your focus on. Some say that eyes are “the windows to the soul.” I say, they are complimented well with flutter me lashes. Eyes have the power to be as innocent or mysterious and as sweet or sexy as you desire them to be. I have always loved to accent my eyes with makeup or glasses. My go to when it came to makeup had always been mascara. I loved it because whether I had on a full face of makeup, or just a simple swipe of mascara, it always accentuated my eyes. The two downfalls with mascara, which I am sure most women and men can agree with, are it either clumps or runs. Not to mention how dreadful it is to take off at night and for some reason as I got older my eyes would constantly water whenever I wore it. This is where my love/ hate relationship with mascara began. I love wearing makeup, not a lot but not too little, the perfect amount.

Alas, I came to find these tiny, delicate, so intricate silk lash extensions (yes I just said silk.). I saw them being demonstrated on a model at a Women’s Showin Ottawa. To say the least, the extensions “had me at the blink of an eye.”A few weeks following this discovery, I had to try them out for myself. That was in the spring of 2010 and here I am, almost three years later, and I love them as much as when I first got them applied.

Many women in the Kingston area would ask me, “Where do you get your lashes done?” and the second I said Ottawa, I saw their excitement fade. Who wants to drive to Ottawa once a month? I did! There was no one in Kingston who offered Misencil products or services. I saw an opportunity and immediately acted on it. I decided to take the necessary steps to become a Misencil Eyelash Extension Technician; I took the plunge and registered for training. In October 2012, I completed, with success, the Misencil Academy’s Misencil Eyelash Extension Technician course. I am now able to offer my clients quality, professional and natural looking eyelash extensions from a company in which I trust, respect and have had nothing but great experiences with.

My goal at flutter me lashes is to give my clients lashes that they could only dream about through the Misencil products and process. These lashes are extremely flattering and easy to care for. Whether you want them for everyday wear or a special occasion they are a beautiful addition to enhance one’s natural beauty.

After all, a woman’s look is the ultimate seduction weapon and for most women, that is not news! Eyelashes add depth and lush to any woman’s features.

Feel free to call, email or text me if you would like any additional information. If you would like to book an appointment please use my online booking feature through Genbook!

Have a fluttery day!

– Apryl